About Us

Shear water building and Maintenance and building which was formally known as Shear water Maintenance has  been in business for more than 20 years the company and has been hands on in the management of the company since it was formed.by Mr. Mike Wilkinson, it has added more services and now has 3 more directors whom have extensive experience in the building, and cleaning industry, Mr Alfred kwenda is a qualified builder who is equipped with more than 2 decades of building experience. He has taken on projects from as little as your ordinary family homes to big industrial warehouses. Mr Daniel Kwenda also has extensive experience in the industry and has worked on projects with Mr Alfred Kwenda he is also hands on with all building, renovations and maintenance experience Mrs ShophieMdakane has extensive cleaning & maintenance experience and is the sole female in the business she has more than twenty years experience in the cleaning industry and aims to introduce more female entities in the construction industry thus empowering women in Southern Africa.


To form long-term relationships of value with our clients and partners by using quality construction and engineering solutions and employing the best resources and latest techniques. To ensure smart construction and maintenance services to clients on a continuous basis and also make the environment safe and secure for all stakeholders.


aims to provide the highest possible standard of quality and service in the construction industry, giving Clients the best satisfaction the Company can offer. Meeting / exceeding customer expectations regarding quality, precision and time of delivery.  Keeping clients up to date and advising them on the latest technological developments. Using quality materials and workmanship.Operating at a competitive and cost effective level, ensuring value for money.


management, employees, and associates conduct business around the following values in all our relationships: Stewardship: Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility. High Performance: Achieving superior business results and stretching our capabilities. Integrity: Ethically and honestly doing what we say we will do. Safety: A relentless commitment to a zero work-related injury culture.  Professionalism and integrity in the conduct of our business  Open and honest disclosure of information  Resolution of disputes by direct personal discussion  Encouraging new ideas and better solutions to maintain a competitive edge Enhancing diversity in our workforce  Working in partnership to create a better future for all our people  Building trust with our suppliers, financiers and advisors
our quality is guaranteed, our pricing is excellent and we offer a one-stop solution for your building needs.